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College of Liberal Arts

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Lynda Ann Ewen

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Kenneth Ambrose

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Richard Garnett


Missionary work over the course of one hundred years has changed the face of Liberia as a country. The work has affected the culture, economic structure, ethnic relationships within the country and surrounding areas and the political climate. The missionary movement into Africa did not start until the early eighteen hundreds.

In my thesis, I will focus on the ways the major stakeholders socially constructed the issues involved. I will focus on the ways in which the ideologies of racism in this period reflected American perceptions of the “dark continent.” This analysis will include the social constructions of church leaders, government officials, and spokespersons for the “Back to Africa Movement.” I will argue that the church was responding to the political ideologies of the period, rather than to an intrinsic religious perspective.


Methodist Church - Missions - Liberia.