David Okoth

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W. Page Pitt School of Journalism and Mass Communication

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First Advisor

Chris Swindell

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Janet Dooley

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Burnis Morris


This study seeks to find out whether there exists a relationship between the New York Times (U.S.) and the Nation Media Group (Kenya) coverage of presidential opinion poll results 90 days prior to Election Day. One research hypothesis was identified; (H1) that there is a relationship – of difference – in how the two publications cover presidential opinion poll stories. The study identified 440 presidential opinion poll stories over a 90- day period prior to Election Day. It analyzed election coverage from October-December 2007 for the Nation and August-November 2008 for the Times. The study established that the two publications had a marked difference in how they covered the presidential opinion poll stories in relation to two schematics, which are game versus governing; but a striking resemblance on how presidential contenders were portrayed.


Public opinion polls.

Presidential -- Election -- Public opinion.