Success Mass Customization: The Role of Market Segment Favorableness

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Conference Proceeding

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Summer 7-2010


Mass customization (MC) emerged as a new paradigm that shifted from mass production. It achieves both volume and cost efficiency of mass production and customization capabilities at the same time. The challenge for manufacturing managers is to find ways to cope with the

market and increase product variety through MC without affecting lead-time, cost or quality. Based on the previous literature review, a conceptual summary of MC is discussed. According to the conceptual summary, a model is built to discuss how each of the elements associated with MC contributes to improved firm performance. It further proposed that the market segment favorableness influences the relationship between MC and firm performance.


This paper was presented at The 4th International Conference on Operations and Supply Chain Management, Hong Kong & Guangzhou, Jul.25 to Jul.31, 2010. Product & Process Innovation track. The conference proceedings are available at http://iceb.nccu.edu.tw/proceedings/APDSI/2010/. The version of record for this presentation may be accessed at http://iceb.nccu.edu.tw/proceedings/APDSI/2010/part6.htm. Copyright © 2010 Supply Chain Management Research Center, Li & Fung Institute of Supply Chain Management and Logistics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong