Research and Publication Opportunities at the Intersection of IS and Healthcare

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Many good reasons exist for conducting interdisciplinary research at the intersection of IS and healthcare. Healthcare is a large and growing industry that currently is undergoing major transformation to its information technology (IT) base. IS confronted similar transformations in other industries, and developed theories and methods that could prove useful in healthcare applications. In turn, IS should benefit from incorporating knowledge from health informatics, a discipline which studies IT within medical and healthcare contexts. Despite the benefits, it is often a struggle for interdisciplinary researchers in IS and healthcare to publish their work, especially in journals directed toward IS audiences. In this paper, we outline strategies and resources to help ease this publication bottleneck. As a part of our discussion, we introduce a new paper series on IS and Healthcare to be published by Communications of the AIS and describe a new online resource for research in IS and healthcare.


Presented at the 10th Americas Conference on Information Systems.

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