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Daniel Dean and Ben Moren are both longtime contributors to MAW. Sharing an interest in experimental filmmaking, they formed Mobile Experiential Cinema (MEC) in 2011 for a Northern Spark commission to explore site-specific projection. They have subsequently collaborated on several works that explore comparable themes and ideologies. MEC makes use of the Mobile Broadcasting Unit developed by MAW as a platform for their own work, but Dean and Moren make significant changes to the outfit to facilitate their divergent approach to site-specific, responsive projection.

The last section highlighted how site was not a central concern in MAW’s public projections. It is this relative disinterest that was one of the inspirations for the formation of MEC. Dean and Moren maintain a more consistent interest in site responsiveness and site specificity in their work. In an interview with Dean and Moren, Moren stated that in addition to a meaningful engagement with site, they were interested in examining three elements through their work: the urban environment, story and narrative elements, and live action sequences. In contrast to the earlier case studies, MEC’s work explores the ways in which the virtual and the material intersect in media interactions. Site can be the screen for projection that extends the virtuality of a narrative cinematic experience. Their site responsive work explores the blurring or hybridization of the virtual and the real, presence and simulation, live and pre-recorded in media performance and art.


Materiality in Site Responsive Art is Chapter 5 of “Rupture of the Virtual.” It discusses, among others, the artistic work of Daniel Dean. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.