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Conceptions of Flight is a thematic invitational group exhibition. The artwork exhibited here reveals a diverse and individual engagement with the theme. Some of the featured artists interpret flight as a rising up; a moving forward; a breaking free from struggle. Others have captured the thrill and wonder of travel; of the movement of clouds; of building new wings, mythopoetically. Whatever the interpretation, Conceptions of Flight provides an arresting look at the ways this age-old preoccupation continues to move the imagination and stretch the limits of our reach.

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Marshall University School of Art & Design


Huntington, W.Va.


flight, mixed media artwork, student artwork, drawing, Grant-funded Project, College of Arts and Media


Art and Design | Arts and Humanities | Illustration | Painting


Rachael Peckham (Preface), Savannah Julian (Publication Designer), Nicole Carey (Familiar Skies), Haylee Reggi (The Rise After the Fall), Baylee Grueser (Amur Leopard: Critically Endangered), Kayley Dillon & Ethan Willis (Secular Iconography), Jacob Wood (Clipped Wings May Fly again), Madelyn Hill (Paper Trails), Gracie Stephens (A Flight of Flights), Shyanna Ashcraft (Wafting), Julianna Geyer (Keep Your Bliss), Jillian Brown (The Inventor’s Workshop), Silas Endicott (Sky High), Barb Lavalley Benton (Fear is a Liar: Fear Drives) (Fear is a Liar: Don’t Let Fear Drive) (Budgies), Emily Fuller (Feels Like Tar: No Resistance) (Fells Like Tar: Hopeful Walk)

Copyright © 2022 Sandra Reed. Individual contributions within this collection are copyrighted by each artist and author. All rights reserved. Funded by grants from The Drinko Academy at Marshall University and West Virginia Department of Arts, Culture, and History. Supplemental material from an exhibit of these works is available at

Conceptions of Flight



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