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A Literary Land-Grab: National Magazine Writing about Asheville, North Carolina During the 1870s

Kevin E. O'Donnell, East Tennessee State University

An Innovative Look at Appalachians Through the Cinematic Gaze of Sara Colangelo’s Little Accidents (2014).

Larry Sean Kinder, Western Kentucky University

Appalachian Fiddlers’ Influence in Florida

Aisha S. Ivey, Florida State University

Appalachian Women: Dancing with my Shadow

Ann M. Andaloro Dr., Morehead State University

Capitalism Never Died: Sustaining Appalachia With Indigenous Entrepreneurs

Michael E. Workman Phd, West Virginia State University

Divine Right's Philosophical and Folk Roots

Gurney Norman, University of Kentucky
Susan L. F. Isaacs Ph.D., Independent Scholar

Drones, activism and mountaintop removal mining in West Virginia

Aron D. Massey, West Liberty University

Environmental risk factors associated with support for anti-pipeline activism

Steve Gerus, Virginia Tech

From the Coal Mine to the Prison Yard: The Human Costs of Appalachia's Incarceral Economies

Melissa Ooten, University of Richmond
Jason Sawyer, Norfolk State University

Harlan as the Wild West- A Look at FX’s Justified

Chelsea Brislin

“Hillbilly Preppers”

Walter E. Squire, Marshall University

HIV in Appalachia

Abigail Stephens

In search of a silver lining: Perspectives of Physicians Who Treat Opioid Use Disorder with Medication Assisted Treatment

Kim White, Marshall University

Is Thomas Wolfe Appalachian?

Brandon J. Johnson, Mars Hill University
Terry Roberts, National Paideia Center
Wayne Caldwell

Left in the Dark: Rural Appalachia through a Daughter’s Eye

Sophie Ezzell, Marshall University
Sarah Canterbury, Marshall University
Victoria Endres, Marshall University

Lessons from the Internal Colony Model: A Capability Approach to Appalachian "Development"

Claudio D'Amato, Virginia Tech

Local Coverage of the MVP Pipeline: A Moral Panic Theory Approach

LISA R. YOST, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Memoir and (Not So) Radical Empathy: Using Literature to Address Addiction

Kristin Janae Steele, Marshall University

Mountain Mama Kind of Somethin': Huntington Women Reflect on Community

Hilary Brewster

Power to the People: A Panel Discussion of the Fight to Democratize Electric Cooperatives in Appalachia

Brianna Knisley, Appalachian Voices
Lauren Essick, Appalachian Voices
Bill Kornrich
Steve Wilkins
Julie Mayfield
Barron Brown

Reproductive Justice 101: Imagining and Training for Liberated (Reproductive) Futures in Appalachia

Ash Williams, SisterSong
A Danielle Dulken, UNC-CH

Telling the Story of Mountain Life and Work

Emma Parrish, Appalachian State University

The carceral state, land use, and environmental harm in Appalachia.

Macey Hall

The Civil War in the Southern Highlands: The Shelton Laurel Massacre, A Human Perspective

Les Reker, Rural Heriatge Museum of Mars Hill University
Ryan Philli[ps, Rural Heritage Museum

The framing of Asheville in the New York Times and the Washington Post: A textual analysis

Melissa Boehm, Montana State University - Billings

The Multicultural Roots of Bluegrass Fiddling

Natalya Weinstein Miller

The Role of Gender in Cultivating a Literacy and Cultural Identity in Appalachia

Chelsea Ensley

The Ruination of Hillbilly Music

Timothy W. Thornton, Virginia Western Community College

Virtual Appalachia: The Representation of Appalachian Environment, Culture, and People in Interactive Entertainment

Christopher R. McCloud, Appalachian State University

“Y’all Ain’t From Around Here”: A Suburban-Raised Urbanite Becomes a Rural Foster Parent

Deborah Gold, author
Shelby Redfield Kilgore, filmmaker
Darnell Arnoult, Lincoln Memorial University
Wendy Welch, Southwest Virginia Graduate Medical Education Consortium