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A Little Fire in Me: Southernmost by Silas House

Silas House, Berea College

Abstract: Community music and arts programming as a strategy for addressing age-related issues in WNC.

Ashleigh Devine

All Access EKY: A Youth Led Conversation About Reproductive Health and Access in the Mountains

Willa Johnson, Appalshop
Mimi Pickering, Appalshop
Taylor Pratt, Appalachian Media Institute
Courtney Johnson, Appalachian Media Institute

“All Hands on Deck and All Voices at the Table: Community Support for Children Impacted by Family Members’ Substance Abuse”

Joy Gritton, Morehead State Univ
Amelia Charles, East Tennessee State University
David A. Gross, Northeast Kentucky Area Health Education Center
Dan Click, Grayson Gallery and Art Center
Michael M.
Linda Leforce
Alexia Ault, Southeast Kentucky Revitalization Project

Appalshop at 50: A National Spotlight in 2020

Tanya Turner, Appalshop
Alex Gibson, Appalshop
Mimi Pickering, Appalshop
Marley Green, Appalshop

Cultural Preservation/Touristic Presentation: Constructing Music Heritage Trails in Western North Carolina and Southwest Virginia

Laura Turner

Enchanted Ground: The Spirit Room of Jonathan Koons

Robert Gipe
Sharon Hatfield, Independent Writer
Tim Poland, Radford University
Charles Dodd White, Pellissippi State Technical Community College

Has Cultural Tourism Been a Pot of Gold? The Crooked Road and Franklin County, Virginia

Laura Gayle Green, Florida State University

Human Beings, Kudzu, and Substance Abuse: An Exploration of Invasive Species in Works by Ron Rash

Ryan Sergent-Payne

“I’ve Always Identified with the Women:” How Appalachian Women Ballad Singers’ Repertoire Choices Reflect Their Gendered Concerns

Sara F. Lynch-Thomason

Jews in the Mind of Appalachia

Leonard Rogoff
Sharon Fahrer, History@Hand
Jay Jacoby, UNC-Asheville
Jan Ellen Schochet, History@Hand

Museum on Main Street: The Way Watauga Works

Willard C. Watson III, Blowing Rock Art & History Museum
Adam Sheffield, Appalachian State University
Ashley Warren, Blowing Rock Art & History Museum

Narratives of Appalachia: Hands, Faces and Voices

Honoria Middough

Only in Appalachia

Matthew Besnson

Performance and Configuration of Identity for Queer Appalachian Christians

Timothy Miles

Preserving Highland Regions in the Age of Globalization: The Role of Education

Roman Poznanskyy, Precarpathian University

Queer(ing) Appalachia: Reclaiming Belonging from Queerphobic Myths

Amelia Charles

Rappalachia: B. Boys, Break Beats, and Banjos

Todd Snyder

Re-Visiting Red Clay: How an Inclusive Historical Interpretation May Encourage Tourism in Southeast Tennessee

Danielle Shelton, Middle Tennessee State University

Resisting Oppressors is not Censorship: A conversation about accountability in Appalachian Studies

STAY Project

Rita's Dream

Joseph Bathanti

See above

Crystal Allene Cook Marshall, Economic Development Greater East
Amelia Bandy, Economic Development Greater East

“Sounding Mexilachian”: The Musical Syncretism of Latinx-Appalachia

Sophia Enriquez

“The Epicenter of Who I Am”: Ron Rash’s Roots in Aho, North Carolina

Martha Eads

The Frozen Deaths of Ron Rash

Jessica S. Cory, Western Carolina University

The Importance of Place in Ron Rash’s Serena

Erin Presley, Eastern Kentucky University

Understanding Perceptions of Appalachian Englishes

Jennifer Cramer, University of Kentucky
Beverly Flanigan, Ohio University - Main Campus
Michelle Haugh O'Malley, Ohio University
Becky Childs, Coastal Carolina University
Daniel Hasty, Coastal Carolina University
Anita Puckett, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Paul E. Reed, University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa

Utopia Yet Beckons - Intentional Communities in Southern Appalachia Then and Now

Ryan W. Bell 6891381, Mars Hill University

Whose AppalachA’ville is it Anyway?: Queer(ing) Approaches to Appalachian Studies and Identity

Charlotte T. Hoelke, Carleton University
Jorge Castillo, University of Connecticut