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A Lost Cause: The State of Franklin and Article IV of the Constitution

H. Michael Shultz

Addressing Student Needs with Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS): Evaluating the Needs of Teachers in Appalachia

Sarah Kunkel, Marshall University
Marc Ellison, Marshall University

BrandJRNY: Using Faculty/Student-led Community Branding Initiatives to Improve West Virginia Communities

Rita Colistra

From Service Learning to Community Action: An Ongoing Planning and Learning Collaboration in Hazard, Ky

Alice Jones, Eastern Kentucky University
Jenny L. Williams, Hazard Community College

More than Merely a Flesh Wound: Medieval Archetypes, “Monster Theory,” and _Madness and Civilization_ in Ann Pancake’s _Strange as this Weather Has Been_

Drew Greenway

Original creative work by author

Jessie van Eerden, West Virginia Wesleyan College
Jeremy B. Jones, Western Carolina University
Doug Van Gundy, West Virginia Wesleyan College
Amanda Jo Slone, University of Pikeville

Poverty, Family Structure, and Educational Attainment: Can Teaching Emotions Be the Answer?

Michael C. Melton, Letcher County Central High School

Rev. James McGready: Revival and Community in backcountry North Carolina and the Kentucky frontier

Matthew Smith

“That’s what I mean by it’s like something’s trying to get you”: Slow Violence in Ann Pancake’s Strange As This Weather Has Been

James Coby, University of Alabama Huntsville

The Land Beyond the Mountains: The Trans-Appalachian Frontier and the Formation of Appalachian Identity

Joshua David Goodall, University of Rio Grande

The Other Half; Land and the Brier in Jim Wayne Miller’s Poetry

Micah McCrotty

Theology in a Parallel Worlds: Denise Giardina’s Fallam’s Secret

Bill Jolliff, George Fox University

West Virginia’s Forgotten Union Soldiers: The Andersonville Story

Cameron Mallow