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This unique and timely publication is the first such Catalog to be produced in over 100 years. The last full survey of the taxonomy of the world fauna of the Order Scorpiones was by Karl Kraepelin in 1899 - Scorpiones und Pedipalpi. Das Tierreich. Herausgegeben von der Deutschen Zoologischen Gesellschaft. Berlin. Since then, the sheer number of known species and subspecies has increased more than fourfold, and the classification of scorpions has been greatly transformed at both the generic and familial levels. This new Catalog brings together under one cover an enormous amount of difficult-to-locate information on scorpion nomenclature, biogeography, distribution and phylogeny, published before and after Kraepelin's time. It is of special interest because of the unique status that scorpions currently enjoy as models for the study of evolutionary biology, ecology, toxicology, and physiology.


Copyright © 2000 The New York Entomological Society. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

Due to file size this manuscript has been broken down by chapter. Each chapter is available as additional files below.

2) Catalog of Scorpions - Title, Contents, Introduction, pgs. to 7.pdf (5644 kB)
3) Acknowledgments, pg. 8.pdf (523 kB)
4) Abbreviations, pgs. 9-12.pdf (2148 kB)
5) New Taxonomic Changes, pgs. 13-14.pdf (698 kB)
6) TAXONOMIC PART, Order SCORPIONES C.L. Koch, 1850 (1837), pgs. 15-16.pdf (982 kB)
7) Family BOTHRIURIDAE Simon, pgs. 17-53.pdf (19338 kB)
8) Family BUTHIDAE C.L. Koch, pgs. 54-286.pdf (325236 kB)
9) Family CHACTIDAE Pocock, 1893, pgs. 287-322.pdf (18956 kB)
10) Family CHAERILIDAE Pocock, 1893, pgs. 323-328.pdf (2429 kB)
11) Family DIPLOCENTRIDAE Karsch. 1880, pgs. 329-354.pdf (256828 kB)
12) Family EUSCORPIDAE Laurie, 1896, pgs. 355-380.pdf (15279 kB)
13) Family HETEROSCORPIONIDAE Kraepelin, 1905, pgs. 381-382.pdf (592 kB)
14) Family ISCHNURIDAE Simon, 1879, pgs. 383-408.pdf (13837 kB)
15) Family IURIDAE Thorell, 1876, pgs. 409-420.pdf (6414 kB)
16) Family MICROCHARMIDAI Lourenco, 1996, pgs. 421-423.pdf (1087 kB)
17) Family PALAEOPISTHACANTHDAE Kjellesvig-Waering, 1986, pgs. 424-425.pdf (908 kB)
18) Family PSEUDOCHACTIDAE Gromov, 1998, pgs 426.pdf (253 kB)
19) Family SCORPIONIDAE Latreille, 1802, pgs. 427-486(1).pdf (31024 kB)
20) Family SCORPIOPIDAE Kraepelin, 1905, 487-495.pdf (3751 kB)
21) Family SPERSTITIONTIIDAE Stahnke, 1940, pgs. 496-500.pdf (2620 kB)
22) Family TRIGLOTAYOSICIDAE Lourenco, 1998, pgs. 501-502.pdf (856 kB)
23) Family VAEJOVIDAE Thorell, 1876, pgs. 503-553.pdf (26747 kB)
24) Suborder BRANCHIOSCORPIONINA Kjellesvig-Waering, 1986, pgs. 554-595.pdf (19050 kB)
25) ADDENDUM, pgs. 596-597.pdf (1054 kB)
26) Bibliography, pgs. 598-656.pdf (48530 kB)
27) Index, pgs. 657-690.pdf (21320 kB)