Fort Sumter, 1862-1863, map of Charleston Harbor




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Fort Sumter, 1862-1863, map of Charleston Harbor, 18.5x12.5cm Fort Sumter as it was during the War, showing the effects of the bombardment by Maj. John Johnson, Engineer at Fort Sumter Publisher: Walker, Evans & Cogswell Co.,Charleston, S.C. Compliments of J. F. Weruer, Sullivans Island, S.C. Sergent Charles E. Walker, Battery M. 1 artillery, Sullevans Island, South Carlina Places where Engagements, Battles, or Bombardments occurred between 1861 and 1865. MORRIS ISLAND.-Firing on "Star of the West," 9th January, 1861. Cumming's Point engaged with Sumter, 12th-13th April, 1861. Batteies on south end bombarded and captured. 10th July, 1863, Battery Wagner repulsed, 1st assault, 11th July 1863. Battery Wagner repulsed, 2nd assualt, 18th July, 1863. Battery Wagner after siege of 58 days, evacuated, 6th September, 1863. Battery Gregg, Cumming's Point, repulsed assault 5th September, 1863. Engaged and evacuated same time as Wagner. FORT SUMTER.-Major Anderson's bombardment and surrender 12th-13th April, 1861. Repulsed attack of armored squadron 7th April 1863. Fort demolished, repulsed attack by small boats, 9th September 1863. Remodeled, rearmed, and after eleven bombardments, during 280 days, evacuated with the city, 18th February, 1865. JAMES ISLAND.-Fort Johnson, mortar battery, first to open on Fort Sumter, 12th April, 1861. Legare's place, skirmish at, 3rd June, 1862. Secessionville, battle, with repulse of Union Army, 16th June, 1862. Stono River, capture of gunboats, by field batteries, 30th January 1863. Stono River, in vicinity of, land and water engagement, 16th July, 1863. River's Causeway, skirmish, with loss of two Confederate guns, 2nd July, 1864. Fort Johnson repulsed assault, 3rd July 1864. Stono Batteries engaged for eight days and nights, 5th July, 1864. Battery Simkins engaged Union works, Morris Island, from August, 1863, to 1865. Rifle pits a Grimball's attacked and captured, 10th February, 1865. Island evacuated with city, 18th February, 1865. SULLIVAN'sISLAND.-Fort Moultrie engaged bombarding Sumter, 12th-13th April, 1861. Fort Moultrie, Battery Bee, Battery Beauregard, engaged in repulse of armored squadron, 7th April, 1863. Battery Marion, Battery Rutledge, Battery Marshall, engaged with the above named in defending the entrance to harbor after Sumter was demolished, 7th September, 1863, to 18th February, 1865.




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Fort Sumter, 1862-1863, map of Charleston Harbor