Huntington High School, Class of 1913




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Huntington High School, Class of 1913, 24x19cm. Class of 1913 as Sophomores, picture taken year of 1910-1911 1st row: Verlin Dial, Mildred Meldahl, Leah Myerson, Florence Warden, Sadie Fullerton, Mary Clifford, Lillian Erskine, Ina Beckner, Nora Fitzgerald, Emma Belle Turney, Ike Schoenfeld 2nd row: Wirt Lallance (standing), Warren Miller, (standing), Lula, Blanch Shafer, Margareta Meldahl, Irene Feely, Eva Wheeler, Lillian Hawkins, Sadie Morris, (?), Lydia Dunfee, Pansy Thompson, Clyde Hague (standing), Homer Gebhardt (standing) 3rd row: Goldie Earle, Lucille Wakefiedl, Doris Irvine, Carl Brown, Harrell Booth, Bonnie Nodder, Nelle Swentgel, Edna Cole, Catherine Haddox, Frances Hawkins 4th row: Earl Mullineaux, Clay Hite, Miss Charlotte Goodrich (Mrs. J.P. Woods) - Advisor, Miss Virginia Foulk -(Advisor), Pauline Nash, Harold Tyree, Gypy Huff, (?), Henrietta Brandebury, William Strange, John Fagan 5th row: Walter Troger, Alfred Whittaker, Paul Reese, Eugene Roberts, Walter Backus (?), Burneck Dusenberry, Louis Trent




People: Dial, Verlin Meldahl, Mildred Myerson, Leah Warden, Florence Fullerton, Sadie Clifford, Mary Erskine, Lillian Beckner, Ina Fitzgerald, Nora Turney, Emma Belle Schoenfeld, Ike Lallance, Wirt Miller, Warren Lula, Shafer, Blanch Meldahl, Margareta Feely, Irene Wheeler, Eva Hawkins, Lillian Morris, Sadie Dunfee, Lydia Thompson, Pansy Hague, Clyde Gebhardt, Homer Earle, Goldie Wakefield,Lucille Irvine, Doris Brown, Carl Booth, Harrell Nodder, Bonnie Swentgel, Nelle Cole, Edna Haddox, Catherine Hawkins, Frances Mullineaux, Earl Hite,Clay Goodrich, Charlotte Woods, Mrs. J.P. Foulk, Miss Virginia Nash, Pauline Tyree, Harold Huff, Gypy Brandebury, Henrietta Strange, William Fagan, John Troger, Walter Whittaker, Alfred Reese, Paul Roberts, Eugene Backus, Walter Dusenberry, Burneck Trent, Louis
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Huntington High School, Class of 1913