Octavian Cromwill Plymale, wife Marietta




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Octavian Cromwill Plymale, wife Marietta "Perdue" Plymale and six children, 20x25.5cm Octavian Cromwell Plymale, wife Marietta "Perdue" Plymale and six children: John M. M., Belle, Harvey, sylevester, William & Cora. Typed note on back of photo: This picture is a reproduction from tintype made in 1882 while living on Plymale's Branch, present location of the "Plymale Roadside Park", route 75, Wayne County, West Virginia. The Plymale family in 1882. This tintype picture was taken at the home of Octavian Cromwell Plymale in June 1882, a short time before their youngest child (Ada Plymale Richardson) was born. She is the only surviving member of the family today (Oct. 1967). One left is John Milton Millard Plymale, standing, 1870-1952, a teacher of Wayne & Cabell County, W. Va. for 35 years. On right standing is Belle Plymale Dyre, also a school teacher, 1872-1957. Standing between her mother and father is Cora Plymale Bolt, 1877-1905. On left sitting in chair is James Clayton Harvey Plymale, 1874-1962 also a school teacher. Seated next to him is Sylvester G. Plymale 1876-1939. Sitting on his mothers (Marietta Perdue Plymale) lap is William E. Plymale, 1880-1945. the wife and mother, Marietta Perdue was born in 1851, died in 1938. This home burned to the ground in 1922 or 1923 and is the location of the Plymale Road Side Park, land donated by John Fred Plymale in Memory of his great gradfather John Plymale, 1795-1872 an early settler from Giles County, Va.




People: Plymale, Octavian Cromwell Plymale, Marietta "Perdue" Plymale, John Milton Millard Plymale, Belle Dyre, Bell Plymale Plymale, James Clayton Harvey Plymale, Sylvester G. Plymale, William E. Plymale, Cora Bolt, Cora Plymale Plymale, John Fred
Subject Terms:Huntington, W. Va. Wayne County West Virginia WV Plymale Roadside Park Route 75 Tintypes


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Octavian Cromwill Plymale, wife Marietta