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The reaction between Cr(CO)6 and Na(C5Ph5 ) in refluxing diglyme yields [Na(diglyme)3/2][(C5Ph5)Cr(CO)3], 1. Metathesis of 1 with [Ph3P=N=PPh3 ]Cl in CH2Cl2 yields [Ph3P=N=PPh3][(C5Ph5)Cr(CO)3], 2. Oxidation of 1 by AgBF4 in cold THF under an argon atmosphere produces (C5Ph5)Cr(CO)3, 3. Complexes 2 and 3 form a redox pair connected by a quasireversible one-electron process, E0 = -0.69 V vs ferrocene in CH2Cl2, E0 = -0.50 V in CH3CN, ks = 0.12 cm/s. ESR spectra of (C5Ph5)Cr(CO)3 in toluene at 90 K gave a rhombic g-tensor with components 2.1366, 2.0224, and 1.9953, consistent with the expected low-spin d5 electronic configuration. The largest g-tensor component was significantly temperature dependent, suggesting an equilibrium between conformations with 2A´ and 2A˝ ground states. Crystal structures of [Ph3P=N=PPh3][(C5Ph5)Cr(CO)3] and (C5Ph5)Cr(CO)3 were obtained.


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