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Abjection and Punishment in Disney’s Maleficent

Hallie Knipp

Behind the Screens: “Slacktivism” Turned Activism in the Modern Digital Age

Cameron Cowan

Buffalo Creek Disaster and the Culture it Helped Shape

Savannah Duncan Ms, Marshall University

Cambio de código, confianza y conexión: Cambio de código en la comedia de Gabriel Iglesias

Cameron Cowan

Carbon Dioxide's Role in Global Warming

Jacob Glandon

Digital Divide In Artifact Preservation Technology

Cassidy Shively

Evictions: Huntington, West Virginia

Matthew Adkins, Marshall University

Examining Relationships between Mental Health Literacy, Mental Health Stigma, and Depression Levels in College Athletes

carson lyon

From Gorgeous George to Golden Lovers: An Examination of Queer Representation in Professional Wrestling

Sam Mace

Gentrification in Cincinnati, Ohio

Blayke Murphy

Health Literacy and Attitudes Towards Healthcare in Aging Appalachians

Rikki Rodgers

How Sea Level Rise Effects Insurance Premiums and the Resulting Effect on Property Values in Miami-Dade County from 2010 - 2020

clay fultz

Location Suitability Analysis for a Coffee Bean Farm

Samuel Powvall

Manga Versus Comics: Clannad’s Transnationalism and Reader-Response Theory

Alexis Cavender

Panel Discussion on Social Determinants of Health

Sabel Meadows, Marshall University
Tre Hart, Marshall University
Kimberly Vance, Marshall University

Perceptions of Science and Scientists

Cody Bird
Jayson Bowen
Hannah Estep
Wyatt Ray

Potential Causes of Fast Food Clustering in Ohio

Nathanial Crum

Quantifiable Effect of Handedness on Hemifacial Expression

Laura Yost, Marshall University

Spatial Analysis of Multiple Sclerosis

Alyssa Bandzuh

The Community of Huntington: Converging Through Disaster

Kyleigh Edwards

The Morning Ritual

Wesley Kite

The Rise of the Red Command

Tanner Keen

The Women of Owen Clinic Institute and Their Impact on Rural Mental Health

Mallory Stanley

Tornadoes in Rural Areas vs Urban Areas

Tara Frey

Was Immigration the Major Factor Contributing to the Surprising 6.6% Population Growth of Buffalo, New York in the 2020 Census?

Robert Edwards

What Behaviors and Personality Traits Diminish Perceptions of Attractiveness?

Taylor Massie
Aaron Carr
Guilherme Goldemberg

What Can We Ask of Art? A Reading of Heidegger and Benjamin

Thomas Donovan