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This author is inclined to think that social structures which evolve through the voluntary interactions and exchanges among people, such as the blogosphere, tend in general to be more beneficial than structures created through the deliberate exercise of power, however well-intentioned, such as regulatory bureaucracies. That idea cannot be fully explored here. For our purposes, we can simply note that the blogosphere would seem to be a near-perfect instantiation of the ideal discourse.


This is the eighth, and final, chapter of Watching the watchdog: Bloggers as the fifth estate. The Endnotes are included as a supplement. They contain the URL’s for all of the blogs discussed throughout the book. The publisher provides open access to the Verso, Dedication, Table of Contents, Foreword, Acknowledgements, Introduction, Chapter One, References, and the Index at Copyright © 2006 by Marquette Books. Printed with permission. All rights reserved.