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The purpose of this presentation was to introduce a research project that the authors have ongoing with the Ghana National Police Service (Accra, Ghana, Africa). This focus of this project is to assist the Ghanaian police in the development and implementation of a “community policing” program. In 2008, a new Director of Community Policing had been hired, although she expressed that she and the officers had absolutely no training or education in theories and practices related to community policing. This presentation showcased the authors’ initial efforts to help solve that problem. Three major aspects are covered in this presentation, 1) an overview of the Ghana National Police Service’s para-militaristic philosophy and how they will face unique challenges as they move towards a more community centered approach, 2) a brief overview of a survey of officers perceptions conducted by the authors, and 3) an over off the barriers and facilitators of this endeavor with a special emphasis on how culture and prior experience may negatively impact future initiatives.


The presentation was delivered during the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences 45th Annual Meeting. American Justice: Rhetoric or Reality? which took place from March 11-15, 2008, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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