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Fall 9-17-2014


Everyone is a potential stalker, given the right set of circumstances. There are a vast number of tools readily available—from social media networking to easily accessible websites that provide background checks for a minimal fee—that allow individuals to observe the life (or lives) of whomever they so desire. But what are the innate, essential traits and characteristics of an individual that extends beyond the more normative expression of romantic interest and the general curiosity that is a natural and accepted occurrence for anyone who has ever been infatuated with another? This paper will consider the intentionality and motivation behind stalking, including cyber-stalking, as well as the general obsessive behavior that acts as a proclivity toward stalking and ultimately conclude that everyone is a potential stalker and, further, that we as a society are being conditioned by the media—particularly social media—to accept stalking as a natural phenomenon.


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