The State of African Americans in West Virginia Summit


  1. Purpose of Summit:
    1. To provide attendees with overview historical challenges African Americans across West Virginia face as documented by 2004 Select Committee on Minority Affairs Report, current census data and government reports.
    2. To provide attendees with an overview of the West Side Revive Movement, legislative and programmatic structure and how the West Side Revive Model could serve as a model for communities across West Virginia.
  2. Goals of the Summit:
    1. To encourage other higher education institutions around the State to convene similar summits
    2. To use the Summit as a springboard to encourage the WV Legislative Select Committee on Minority Affairs Interim Committee to convene hearings similar to those held in 2003 to update the Select Committee on Minority Affairs Report.
    3. To serve as a venue for HOPE CDC, and the Tuesday Morning Group (TMG) to introduce the West Side Revive Movement Model to Address Poverty and Substance Abuse and Other Social Determinants of Health Through Comprehensive Community Development.
    4. To provide a venue to officially announce the partnership between Marshall University and HOPE CDC and the Tuesday Morning Group.
    5. To provide an on-ramp for Marshall University faculty and staff to engage in the West Side ReviveMovement.
    6. To serve as a template for future summits, i.e., workforce and labor force participation; poverty summit, community and population’s health summit.

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