Don't Call Me Crazy: Resiliency Through Education

Marshall University Library Exhibition 2019

Millions of Americans live with mental illness and mental disabilities, yet negative stigmas and fear often leave those most vulnerable isolated and in fear. Don't Call Me Crazy: Mental Health Initiative seeks to highlight the diverse perspectives of those living with mental challenges and the family and friends who love and support them. We hope that these panel present are conversation starters on Marshall University's campus that help to reduce any stigma associated with mental health challenges.


Submissions from 2019

Autism Awareness Panel Discussion: Finding Hope, Hillary M. Adams; Catherine G. Bailey Ph.D., NCSP; John Barton; Zach Lewis; Elizabeth Niese; Phyllis White-Sellards; and Sabrina Thomas

Disordered Eating Panel Discussion: Finding Help, Kelli Williams Ph.D., R.D., L.D.; Candace Layne Ed.D., ALPS, LPC, NCC; James R. Bailes M.D.; Kristina M. Bryant-Melvin M.D.; Licia Rei; Brittany Chapman; Tiffany Bowes; and Sabrina Thomas

Addiction Panel Discussion: Finding Support, Karen Yost; Matthew Q. Christiansen M.D., M.P.H.; Lyn M. O'Connell Ph.D.; Dan Curry; Amy Saunders; Michelle Perdue; and Sabrina Thomas