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Fall 1988


The Goddess Nilhima marked me with the gift of the Seventh Level when I was just a boy. This great honor is given only to a handful in a thousand years, and many people, I am told, lie awake at nights tormenting themselves with desire for it. But they are foolish. It is not from stinginess that the Shining-gods ration out their gifts so sparingly. Truly, indeed, I doubt that anyone who understood the gifts of the Hadorvacheu would dare to accept them. They are precious, but they come with perils that no human being could willingly choose to face. Could I, should I, have accepted my destiny knowingly? The question is pointless. I was hardly three years old; I did not weigh consequences. I only loved the sweet HealerGoddess as she showed herself to me, and I gave her the welcome she deserved. Who could have done less? Thus my life was shaped.


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