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Valinor, modelled on the Earthly Paradise, is described more fully in Tolkien's posthumously published works than in The Lord of the Rings. Yet the fleeting Valinorean images within the trilogy have a powerful impact, heightening and simultaneously providing consolation for the horrors of Mordor.


Mythlore 80 and Mallorn 30 are published in Reynolds, Patricia, and Glen GoodKnight, eds. Proceedings of the JRR Tolkien Centenary Conference, 1992: Proceedings of the Conference Held at Keble College, Oxford, England, 17th-24th August 1992 to Celebrate the Centenary of the Birth of Professor JRR Tolkien, Incorporating the 23rd Mythopoeic Conference (Mythcon XXIII) and Oxonmoot 1992. Tolkien Society, 1995. The societies did not publish separate journals for this edition…only the conference proceeding to honor Tolkien’s 100th birthday. Also published in Spanish translation, as “El paraiso terrenal en El SeÁor de los Anillos de Tolkien.” In Tolkien, o la fuerza del mito. Eds. Eduardo Segura and Guillermo Peris. Madrid: José San Germán, 2003. Copyright © 1995 the author. All rights reserved.