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"E . B. Pusey as a Preacher." It would not be surprising to find such a phrase as the title of a nineteenth-century work. Authors in both Britain and America used it in books and articles about numerous ministers, literary figures, the Apostle Paul, and even Jesus himself.1 Edward Bouverie Pusey, in fact, was the subject of one such piece: a review of Sermons for the Church's Seasons from Advent to Trinity, published in the Spectator on 11 August 1883.

Such a scope would, however, be too broad for a scholarly study in the twenty-first century. Pusey's canon is simply too vast (numerous volumes of "university" and "parochial" sermons2) and the list of possible topics (historical, theological, rhetorical, linguistic) far too long. In this essay, therefore, I will focus on just one work, a collection entitled A Course of Sermons on Solemn Subjects Chiefly Bearing on Repentance and Amendment of Life. These sermons were preached over a period of just a few days in October of 1845, but they provide a helpful snapshot of a career that stretched for over fifty years.3


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