Review of Making Things and Drawing Boundaries, edited by Jentery Sayers

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Book Review

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As a volume in the Debates in The Digital Humanities series, the essays in Making Things and Drawing Boundaries: Experiments in the Digital Humanities inspire readers to dive into projects (often with students or the community) and set aside the anxiety of expertise that rides along with imposter syndrome with many in academia. These essays help break down our preconceptions of expert versus enthusiast versus scholar since the book provides a greater sense of the possibilities within the field and the community of digital humanities workers. Taken as a whole, the collection argues for digital humanities scholars, researchers, and makers to think more about the field, often in new and more sophisticated ways. Given the growth and expansion within the field as well as the popularity of “maker culture,” Sayers’ volume hits at an incredibly valuable time and is a critical work in the Debates in Digital Humanities series.


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