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School Psychology


Graduate School of Education and Professional Development

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First Advisor

Linda Winter

Second Advisor

Sandra Stroebel

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Lanai Jennings-Knotts


Self-regulation positively relates to student behavior and achievement, and fine arts participation has demonstrated similar improvements in behavior and achievement. It was hypothesized that participation in school-based fine arts would positively correlate with self-regulation, and the intensity of students’ fine arts participation would also correlate with self-regulation. Students aged 15 to 19 were administered a self-regulation questionnaire. Responses from students currently participating in fine arts were compared to students with no fine arts participation to find if a relationship exists between fine arts and self-regulation. This study found no significant relationship between fine arts participation and self-regulation, and no significant difference suggested that participation intensity related to self-regulation. Further research should address limitations in student response rates and distribution trends in activity participation and explore how self-regulation relates to fine arts activities outside the school environment.


School psychology.

Art -- Study and teaching.

Regulatory focus (Psychology)