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Physical and Applied Science


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Timothy Hamilton

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Maria Babiuc Hamilton

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Ralph Oberly


The objective of this research is to find planetary nebulae (PNe) and star cluster associations in the Andromeda galaxy (M31). To identify PNe in M31, a red-green-blue image is obtained using 3 emission line filters of H↵, 5007˚A [OIII], and 6717, 6731˚A [SII], using images from the Local Group Survey. By completing a visual search of the RGB images, 477 PN candidates are identified. In order to find star clusters associated with the PN candidates, an RGB image is made using the Panchromatic Hubble Andromeda Treasury survey. Filter F814W is used as red and filter F475W is used as both the green and blue colors. Two PN/open cluster (OC) association candidates appear to be the best cases to focus on. In one of the cases, the PN candidates is not confirmed as a true PN. In the other case, the PN appears to be confirmed as a true PN and so there is a good chance that PN/OC association is true for this case.


Andromeda Galaxy -- Research.

Planetary nebulae -- Research.

Stars -- Clusters -- Research.