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Sarah Brinegar


This paper examines the connection between access to childcare and labor force participation of women in the Huntington-Ashland MSA and in West Virginia by evaluating the connection between the number of daycare slots available and several socio-economic factors. Based on data gathered from daycare resource groups and the U.S. Census Bureau, access to childcare is connected with the ability of women with children to participate in the labor force. This effect is seen more strongly in rural West Virginia than the more urbanized Huntington- Ashland MSA and the number of childcare slots available may be influenced by, or is influencing, a looser attachment to the labor force that is seen for West Virginia when compared to the MSA. Policy suggestions include government intervention to determine childcare needs and providing accessible and affordable childcare so communities can meet these needs.


Child care -- West Virginia.

Child care -- Huntington (W. Va.)

Child care -- Ashland (Ky.)

Women employees -- West Virginia.

Women employees -- Huntington (W. Va.)

Women employees -- Ashland (Ky.)