Through the Looking Glass : Ovid's Amores 2.1 as a Reflection of Amores Book One

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E. Del Chrol

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Christina Franzen


Amores 2.1 is a significant extension of and enhancement to Amores Book One. In Amores 2.1, Ovid sets the tone for the remainder of Book Two, yet he revisits certain themes from Amores Book One. The first chapter contains a literature search that focuses on the divided opinions about Ovid‟s stamp on elegy. Chapter Two examines the first four lines of Amores 2.1 and how they resonate with themes found in Book One, including Ovid‟s description of his preferred audience, an explanation that Love orders him to write, and an admission of his penchant for naughtiness, nequitia. The third chapter explores the remainder of Amores 2.1 in terms of elaborations of themes found in the proem, and reflections of key themes found throughout Book One. Ovid returns to the theme of ideal audience and proffers his recusatio for writing elegy. Chapter Four provides a brief synopsis of the cyclical nature of the Amores, in terms of frivolity, control and poetics.


Ovid, 43 B.C.-17 or 18 A.D. Amores

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