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Curriculum and Instruction


College of Education

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Dr. Samuel Securro, Committee Chairperson

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Dr. Lisa Heaton

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Dr. Andy Whisman


This study investigated the effect of traditional and alternative teacher preparation, years of service, and type of licensure held and teacher quality on English language arts and mathematics summative assessment scaled scores and performance levels among West Virginia students in grades 5 and 11. Specifically, this research analyzed the existing assessment data in West Virginia’s 55 counties, regarding teacher preparation routes, teacher experience, teacher licensure, and the teacher’s Highly Qualified (HQ) designation to determine the effect on student achievement. The study was designed with the aforementioned variables and applied a standardized summative content assessment outcome to the two grade levels and two content disciplines. Data analysis indicated that the majority of teacher quality variables had a statistically significant impact on student achievement. As with every aspect of education, various socio-economic variables and teacher and student characteristics not measured in this study, and not known, may impact the standardized achievement results of the students.


Teachers -- Training of -- United States.

Educational tests and measurements.