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Dr. Derrick R.J. Kolling, Committee Chairperson

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Dr. B. Scott Day

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Dr. Brian Antonsen


Chlorella vulgaris is a unicellular green algae grown throughout the world. Due to its multiple trophic modes as well as its ability to maintain high rates of growth under adverse conditions, it has been of global interest for use in ecological contamination studies, biofuel feedstock optimization, and studies of photosynthetic electron transfer. Using a wide-range of methods for physiological and photosynthetic characterization, the studies within seek to further extend the usefulness of C. vulgaris in a variety of environmentally important studies. Once the protocols were optimized specifically for this alga, they could be applied in both ecologically relevant and biodiesel optimization scenarios. Additionally, the reliance on the photosynthetic reactions for a large portion of their energy production enables further investigation into photosynthetic mechanisms under stress.


Algae -- Ecology.

Environmental sciences.

Genetic engineering.

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