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Educational Leadership


College of Education

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First Advisor

Dr. Dennis M. Anderson, Chair

Second Advisor

Dr. Louis Watts

Third Advisor

Dr. Edna Meisel


This study examined employer evaluations of engineering student participants in a cooperative education program from research conducted on a small, rural, public university. Specifically, the data was derived from science, engineering, mathematics, and technology (STEM) programs. Historically, little research exists on employer perceptions of participants of cooperative education programs. Thus, a review of the literature examined the following areas: experiential education, cooperative education and work-based learning, implications of cooperative education and internships, history of cooperative education, implications for engineering majors, and employer perceptions of employability skills. More specifically, the research examined employer perceptions of cooperative education students in bachelor degree engineering programs using a statistical analysis of longitudinal data from employer evaluations. This study furthered the research in cooperative education by providing insight on employer perceptions of cooperative education students by work period, career attributes, and overall work performance. The data analyzed is public information.


Education, Cooperative.

Experiential learning.

Active learning.