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Educational Leadership


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Dr. Barbara Nicholson, Committee Chairperson

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Dr. Thomas Hisiro

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Dr. Kristy East


The purpose of this study was to examine the sustainability of truancy programs used in all 55 counties of West Virginia since 2014. The study compared attendance rates at the elementary school level over the last five years and applied survey and interview data to determine whether changes to programs promoted changes to attendance rates. While there are numerous studies that review and discuss truancy programs, there were no studies found that measure the programs and perceptions in elementary programs in all 55 counties of West Virginia. In this study data were collected from the West Virginia Department of Education public site. Surveys were administered to attendance directors in all 55 counties. A sampling of county employees who work with truant youths were also interviewed to gather data on programs and perceptions. Interviews were conducted by phone to establish types of programs used, perceptions about the program’s effectiveness and sustainability, and ideas about what might improve programs in the state. Statistical testing was performed on the data gathered from the West Virginia Department of Education and surveys gathered from Truancy Directors in all 55 counties. The data were analyzed to determine the effectiveness and sustainability of current programs in the state of West Virginia.


School attendance -- West Virginia.

School attendance -- Research.