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Healthcare Administration


College of Business

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Research Paper

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Alberto Coustasse


Introduction: Nursing homes are a major part of the long term care sector and have provided services to elders and the disabled population for years. Regulation change and new demands from the market have forced nursing homes to adapt. The purpose of this literature review was to analyze current regulation in place in the nursing home sector and determine how nursing homes will adapt and continue to provide quality care to patients in the future.

Methodology: The methodology of this research was a literature review. Overall, there were 4 databases used to gather research and 35 sources were used throughout the entirety of the paper.

Results: Within our findings, there were several sources to support our claims. The research that was gathered was analyzed to determine the future use and demand of nursing homes. The results supported the original hypothesis that nursing homes will undergo changes in the inner culture and policy, but they will remain a staple in the long term care sector.

Discussion/Conclusion: Nursing homes have been around for years and research has shown that adjustments are constantly being made in regulation and the individual culture or attractiveness of every nursing home. Through these changes, nursing homes will remain to attract large demand from the elderly population that is rapidly growing. Thus, nursing homes will continue to provide services to those in need.


Nursing homes -- Law and legislation -- United States.

Long-term care of the sick -- United States.

Older people -- Long term care -- United States.