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Dr. John K. Young, Committee Chairperson

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Dr. Margaret Sullivan

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Professor Ian Nolte


This paper’s purpose is to look at slasher films and the potential relationship of trauma and self-hatred that these films hold to adolescents aged 14-20 who commit self-harm. The type of self-harm examined in this paper is cutting and the films that will be studied will have to be from 1979 to 1989, which is the “golden age” for slasher films. The films that will be studied are The Nightmare on Elm Street series, Hellraiser series, and Friday the 13th series. This paper will be using multiple literary lenses to discuss how slasher films convey trauma and self-hatred and how the slasher films share a relationship with girls aged 14-20 who self-harm by cutting due to trauma and self-hatred. The lens that will be used to look at the horror films includes narratology, gender studies, and trauma theory.


Cutting (Self-mutilation)

Self-injurious behavior.

Slasher films -- Psychological aspects.