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Healthcare Administration


College of Business

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Research Paper

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Dr. Alberto Coustasse


Introduction: The 340B program was an effective strategy in reaching more potential patients, providing more comprehensive services, and limiting the gap between affordability and healthcare. The uninsured and underprivileged often are unable to receive medications at the high market price due to the financial situation they face and inflation. The 340B program seeked to mend this issue to help the public and healthcare organizations. The main purpose of this research was to search and evaluate if the 340B program lived up to its purpose of decreasing the cost of medications in rural based clinics.

Methodology: The research strategy developed for this qualitative study utilized a mixed methodology of a literature review along with a semi-structured interview with an executive from a rural 340B clinic. Four electronic databases were utilized to form a conclusive analysis. The 21 sources used are referenced for this literature review.

Results: The literature review evaluated five studies of the cost and impact of the 340B program in rural locations across the United States.

Discussion/conclusion: The 340B program discussed was an effective program in lowering the cost of medications in rural provider based clinics across the United States when utilized.


Health services administration.

340B Drug Pricing Program (U.S.)

Rural health clinics -- Administration.