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Leadership Studies


College of Education

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Dr. Ron Childress, Committee Chairperson

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Cristina Helbling, J.D.

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Dr. Bobbi Nicholson


The purpose of this study was to investigate the specific experiences and program characteristics that students, faculty, and staff experience in the living-learning communities. This paper summarizes the findings of a program evaluation inclusive of a survey and interview protocol on the student, faculty, and staff experiences in living-learning communities (LLCs) at a large, public university in the southeast. The study employed a mixed methods design including a student survey and faculty/staff interviews. Data shows LLC students value the living-learning community experience and have positive experiences with the LLC academic and social climate and believe their peers support the diverse identities of one another. LLC faculty, staff, and students have disparate perspectives on LLC mentoring opportunities; most LLC students do not report receiving mentoring from LLC faculty and staff, and most LLC faculty and staff did not have the opportunity to provide robust mentoring for their students. Students involved in PeerAssisted Student Support (PASS) had significantly different positive academic experiences than their peers, while students who work have slightly less engagement with LLC academic experiences. The findings suggest UNF LLC administrators implement structures to support faculty and staff mentoring and continued dialogue regarding how the LLC experience mitigates students’ diversity and identity development.


Education, Higher -- Aims and objective -- United States.

Interdisciplinary approach in education -- United States.