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Engineering Management


College of Engineering and Computer Sciences

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First Advisor

Dr. James Bryce, Co-Chairman

Second Advisor

Dr. Mohammad Al Zarrad, Co-Chairman

Third Advisor

Dr. Richard Begley


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Civil Works projects are designed to provide national management of water resources. These works use emergency streambank protection to protect public facilities, like bridges and highways. The projects under this authority have limited funding, therefore, many design and field studies are omitted, which increases project uncertainties resulting in cost overruns and contract modifications. This study analyzes previously constructed projects by comparing the independent government estimate with the contractor’s actual costs and identifying the variables causing these differences via statistical analysis. The variables identified are categorized into those elements that affect the accuracy of the government estimate. From the findings of this categorization, a linear regression model was used in SPSS to identify which variables were predictors for causing cost overruns. From the analysis, it was found that 65.8% of the variance in the fourteen Section 14 projects selected can be predicted from the variable Rip Rap Placement and Material. Furthermore, 78.4% of the variance in these same projects can be predicted from the variables Rip Rap Placement and Material and Filter Fabric. These results serve as a basis for future Section 14 projects to identify which bid items affect the total cost the most and ensure to place adequate effort in estimating those items appropriately.


United States. Army. Corps of Engineers.

Water-supply -- United States -- Management.