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W. Page Pitt School of Journalism and Mass Communication

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Dr. Christopher Swindell, Chair

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Prof. Robert Rabe

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Prof. Janet Dooley


Newspapers have turned to niche, or specialty, publications as a way to boost revenue and readership since the popularity of the Internet and the rapidly changing ways of news delivery left many awash in a sea of red ink beginning in the mid 1990s. There is little empirical evidence that these publications benefit the host newspaper. This study is an attempt to add to that bank of knowledge. Editors, publishers and advertising managers in Utah and West Virginia were invited by e-mail to answer a Web-based survey about the popularity of niche publications among their readers and staffs. The study also asked respondents to gauge how profitable they believe niche publications are. Results of the 31-question survey show overwhelming support for niche publications and suggest adding them may cause a significant increase in revenue.


Advertising -- Newspapers

Newspaper -- Circulation