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College of Health Professions

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Stephen O’Keefe, Ph.D.

Second Advisor

Helen Linkey, Ph.D

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Andy Whisman, Ph.D.


The general purpose of this study was to increase parental support for inclusion of services for children with special needs. A persuasive presentation and group discussion were conducted at a parent conference at a youth sports camp

The presenter was a social worker who has experience working with children with special needs. The presenter developed the presentation and helped guide the discussion.

Anonymous pre-test and post-test surveys of parental attitude toward the presentation issue were taken. From these surveys, the effects of level of involvement and level of knowledge on level of importance were assessed.

Attitude change occurred in this study, but it was not due to an increase in level of knowledge. Level of involvement was not found to be a predictor of post-test importance. In addition, the interaction of involvement and knowledge was not found to be a significant predictor of post-test importance.


Persuasion (Psychology)


Sports |x Youth