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Physical Science


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First Advisor

Dr. Ralph E. Oberly

Second Advisor

Dr. James Brumfield

Third Advisor

Dr. Frank Gilliam

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Dr. Thomas Pauley


Interest in urban ecology and the impact of urbanization on natural resources has increased over the last decade. Studies have related degradation of water quality and loss of biodiversity to increased urbanization. Avian species comprise an important part of the urban ecology. Surveys of bird populations can provide insight into the effects of urbanization on species composition, diversity, and distribution. A search of available literature revealed no published comprehensive avian surveys completed during the breeding season within the city of Huntington, West Virginia. The purpose of this study was to provide an initial characterization of land bird populations during the breeding season within Huntington, West Virginia, by defining distributions of individual species, and comparing species richness and species diversity over a gradient of urbanization. Results showed a decline in species richness and diversity and an impoverishment of community structure with increasing urbanization.


Urban ecology(Biology) -- West Virginia -- Huntington.

Bird populations -- West Virginia -- Huntington.