Donald Borda

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Biological Sciences


College of Science

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First Advisor

Donald C. Tarter

Second Advisor

Paul D. Stewart


Fish populations were collected at six stations by means of electrofishing to determine the composition after impoundment. A total of 748 fishes weighing about 9 pounds (4 kg) were collected. Seven families representing 31 species were collected and categorized as game, forage and rough fishes. Game fishes made up 9.1 percent of the total number and 22.3 percent of the total weight; forage fishes 83.0 percent by number and 29.7 percent by weight. The average standing crop was 15 pounds per acre.

Benthic invertebrates were collected at six stations by means of a bottom dredge. A total of 1535 specimens were collected representing 12 orders, 26 families and about 35 species. The sample consisted mostly of Trichoptera (48%), Ephemeroptera (28%) and Diptera (17%).

The riparian vegetation included American sycamore, silver maple, river birch and boxelder while the forested slopes were dominated by white and red oaks, American beech and sugar maple.

The general attitude of the area residents tended to be favorable towards the project and the majority felt that the area had not been environmentally harmed or degraded.


Twelvepole Creek (W. Va.)