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Biological Sciences


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James E. Joy

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Donald Tarter

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Dan Evans

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Leonard J. Deutsch


The red-spotted newt, Notopthalmus v. viridescens (Rafinesque) is a common salamander in the eastern United States. Studies on the parasites are available, however these studies examined total parasite fauna. This study examines two species, Plagitura salamandra Holl 1928 and Plagitura parva Stunkard 1933 found in the small intestine of the red-spotted newt. A total of 225 newts was collected and examined for the two Plagitura species. No difference was found in prevalence of infection, mean intensity, SVL, and weight between male and female newts. Plagitura parva was found in 24.4 % of the newts while P. salamandra was found in 32.9 % of the newts. While examining the small intestine for site of infection, a greater number of P. parva was found in the anterior and middle portion of the small intestine (X2 = 9.138), while a greater number of P salamandra was found in the posterior small intestine (X2= 223.397) suggesting competitive exclusion between the two species.


Newts – West Virginia.

Salamanders – Infections.

Salamanders – Parasites.