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Educational Leadership


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Fred Barkey

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Phyllis Durden

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Paul Leary

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Jack Yeager

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Powell Toth


This study examined the relationship between grievant variables (case description, case issue, gender, seriousness of the case) and case determination (denied/granted). A disk copy of QA4 database years 1985 to 1995 was provided by the West Virginia Education and State Employees Grievance Board. The approximate 222 higher education synopses reports were read to locate the population. Fifty five higher education discipline and discharge synopsis reports were isolated. Key words used by the Board assisted in isolating the population. The 55 higher education synopses reports were printed out to compare to information on case decisions housed in the West Virginia Secretary of State's Office.

At the Secretary of State's Office, higher education cases docket numbers were used to locate all higher education case decisions. Higher education case decisions were reviewed to determine if the case involved discipline or discharge. Higher education case decisions involving discipline or discharge totaled 55. The 55 case decisions were xeroxed and purchased. The synopses were compared to case decisions. The two sources were identical.

The data were codified for computer analysis. Statistical analyses were conducted using Statistical Analysis Systems (SAS). Chi-square statistics were conducted at a significance level of .05 to determine the statistical significance of the alternative hypotheses. Hypotheses four and five could not be tested due to small cell frequencies. The results of this study did not support the alternative hypotheses that relationships existed between the independent and dependent variables. Grievant gender and case determination generated a chi-square value of 0.003 and a probability of 0.957. Seriousness of the case and case determination generated a chi-square value of 1.650 and a probability of 0.199.

Similar to studies conducted by Scott and Shadoan (1989), Bigoness and DuBosi (1985), and Bemmels (1991) this study found that no relationship existed between grievant gender and case determination. Studies by Dilts and Deitsch (1989) found that in cases where management bears the burden of proof in discipline cases, management wins 43%. This study cannot support such a claim. No relationship existed between discipline and case determination, nor discharge and case determination.


The University of West Virginia College of Graduate Studies became the WV Graduate College in 1992 and was subsequently merged with Marshall University in 1997.


West Virginia Education and State Employees Grievance Board.

Grievance arbitration – West Virginia.

Grievance procedures – West Virginia.

Collective labor agreements – Education, Higher – West Virginia.