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Educational Leadership


College of Education and Professional Development

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Richard A. Hartnett

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Jack E. Yeager

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Ken M. Young

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Robert P. Alexander

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John Andes


This study examined the history of the West Virginia Board of Regents from its inception in 1969 until its termination in 1989. The history was developed around a social systems theory concept and the identification of internal factors and forces that had an impact as the Board attempted to deal with the higher education issues that came before it. The specific purpose of this study was to identify, chronicle, and interpret the key issues faced by the Board of Regents, and the related perceptions of the key personnel.

Data for the study came from minutes of the meetings of the Board of Regents, its annual and other periodic reports, planning documents, policy and procedures documents, and special reports; West Virginia statutes pertaining to the governance of higher education and changes thereto; reports by study groups, consultants, legislative bodies, and executive agencies; and, interviews with key personnel who had occupied positions of influence on the Board staff, at an institution, or in state government.

In addition to an examination of the major issues, during each five-year period a snap-shot was taken of six factors related to the delivery of educational programs: access; accreditation; appropriations; enrollment and degrees awarded; faculty; and, institutional missions. Board activity in each of these six areas was noted and the presence of internal or external factors and forces influencing them was reported.

Based upon the examination of the records, documents, reports, and personal interviews, a list of twenty-four lessons learned that may assist future administrators in the governance or coordination of higher education was developed.


The University of West Virginia College of Graduate Studies became the WV Graduate College in 1992 and was subsequently merged with Marshall University in 1997.


West Virginia Board of Regents – History.

Education, Higher – West Virginia.

Higher education and state – West Virginia.