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College of Liberal Arts

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Stephen L. O’Keefe

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Del Lawhon

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James T. Ranson

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Leonard J. Deutsch


This Thesis study critically explored the feasibility of utilizing the Stroop Color Word test as a psychological instrument to aid in the determination of learning disabilities (LD) in children aged nine to sixteen years old. Children with a previous diagnosis of LD were sought out for the experimental group by participating graduate students and, when confirmed by personal administration of intelligence and achievement tests, were administered a battery of nine neuropsychological instruments. A comparison was made with a control group of children with the same age and geographical background on the four different Stroop variables: the Word, Color, Color-Word, and Interference variables. Two of the four variables proved to be statistically significant between the experimental and control groups: the Word variable and the Color variable. Of the experimental group, the mean scores of three out of four different Stroop variables were lower than those concurrent scores of the control group. This test can be utilized to discriminate between LD and Non-LD groups when comparing the Word and Color Variables.


Learning disabilities – Diagnosis.

Psychological tests for children.

Learning ability – Testing.