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Adult and Technical Education


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Laura Wyant

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Leonard J. Deutsch


The southern Ohio and northern Kentucky area is a region characterized by an economy in transition from the manufacturing sector to the service and retail sectors (Scioto County Government, 1998-00), which is causing various pressures on the workforce there. For example, the unemployment rate of Scioto County, Ohio, a centrally-located county in the region, was 9.7% in 1996, or almost twice the unemployment rate for the state of Ohio (Scioto County Government, 1998-00). Despite the fact that manufacturers in the area reported no difficulty in obtaining a satisfactory quantity of non-experienced assembly-line workers (ERISS Corporation, 2000), five local manufacturers were not satisfied with the quality of the workers they were hiring, nor with the retention rates of those employees.

Therefore, the Ohio River Valley Pre-Employment Training (ORVPET) program was created to teach work skills to individuals in southern Ohio and northern Kentucky prior to employment. The ORVPET program was designed by those five employers, in cooperation with the Scioto County (Ohio) Joint Vocational School’s Workforce Development Center, who formed a consortium to administer the program and oversee its development. The program is unusual among pre-employment training programs in that the training was not only designed and developed by employers, but it was also presented by employees of the consortium companies. The joint vocational school's role, although critical to the course offerings, is primarily supportive, providing facilities, materials, and networking opportunities with other pre-employment training efforts throughout Ohio.


Employer-supported education – Ohio – Scioto County.

Employees – Training of – Ohio – Scioto County.

Occupational training – Ohio –Scioto County.

Employer-supported education – Kentucky, northern.

Employees – Training of – Kentucky, northern.

Occupational training – Kentucky, northern.