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Leonard J. Deutsch


Many have pondered the key to delivering an effective speech. Speculation ranges from what one wears to the tone of voice used to how the speech is outlined. No matter the opinion, most agree that visual aids are key to getting and keeping the attention of your audience. Visual aids can add interest, clarity, and drama to a presentation (Pollock, 2000). Clearly, all advertising seeks to influence behavior (Berger, 1999).

In the case of Boise Cascade Office Products, a visual aid helped to differentiate it from Office Max and Staples, while also driving the business 44% over the previous year (Estell, 2000). The company examined its targeted audience and created the fictional Boise High School in 1964, the year Boise Cascade was founded. In what would normally be a very plain sales pitch for office supplies, they created something interesting for their audience and it took off. The promotion centered around a romance between “Judy and Steve”. A newsletter was mailed to customers updating the romance and magnets of the twosome were given out. It appeared that their customers could not get enough of “Judy and Steve” (Estell, 2000). In sales something new and fresh is always needed, and this promotion provided just that.


Visual aid.