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Women never discover anything; they lack, of course, the creative talent; reserved by God for male intelligence. We can do nothing more but perform for better or worse, the tasks which men give us.

Pilar Primo de Rivera, 1942.

Though at the time of its founding in 1934 the women’s section of the Spanish fascist party may have been insignificant to many, the Sección Femenina in a few short years was installed as the premier government agency with regard to the political status of Spain’s women. With the consolidation of the Franco regime, the Sección Femenina was placed in charge of shaping the moral and political lives of Spain’s women and used the educational system, the Catholic Church, and specialized programs to achieve this end. From 1939-1977 the Sección Femenina played a crucial role in Spanish government policies relating to women and their families.


Women – History – 20th century.

Fascism and women – Spain.

Women – Social conditions – 20th century.