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Physical Education


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R. Daniel Martin

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Leonard J. Deutsch


How well an athlete tolerates pain may aid the athletic trainer in determining a proper rehabilitation protocol for the quickest recovery and return to play after an injury. The present investigation was conducted to determine if there is a difference in pain tolerance between NCAA Division I-A male and female athletes. The subjects consisted of nineteen healthy Division I-A male athletes and nineteen healthy Division I-A female athletes all between the ages of 18 and 23 (N=38). The subjects placed their hand, up to their styloid process, into a one - degree Celsius ice bath for one minute. After one minute the subject removed their hand and answered a pain scale. An analysis of variance (ANOVA) test was done using the SAS System on a personal computer to determine the difference in pain tolerance between the two groups. The data was presented as means and an alpha level of The ANOVA test revealed no statistically significant difference in pain tolerance when NCAA Division I-A male and female athletes are compared. Therefore, neither group showed a higher tolerance to pain when compared with the other.



Athletes – Rehabilitation – Research.

Sports injuries – Patients – Rehabilitation.