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Fred Jay Krieg

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Elizabeth K. Boyles

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Tony R. Goudy

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Stephen O’Keefe


Thirty-four first time expectant fathers age 20 to 38 were individually administered a set of behavior and attitude assessments during the first, second, and third trimesters of their wives pregnancy. This particular study focused on the Love Attitudes Scale. Research indicates that fathers are expected to go through behavior and attitude changes during their wives pregnancy due to several possible reasons like stress, an unhappy marriage, or love development. The main objective of this study was to measure whether or not first time expectant fathers experienced any significant attitude changes during the pregnancy. A second objective was examining if certain assessment instruments will be better predictors of attitude change. An ANOVA was used for comparing scores between trials on each of the six subscales of the Love Attitude Scale. Results from the ANOVA confirmed that there were no statistically significant correlations at the p<.05 level.> <.05 level.


Fatherhood – Psychological aspects.

Fathers – Family relationships.